Ben Hanson – “I was very impressed”

Ben Hanson, owner of the snowmobile forum writes:


From time to time I had seen the video for the SureGrip dollies, with people ripping around the yard or driving a sled right up into a trailer. Quite honestly I was intrigued, but a bit skeptical. I thought I would give the SureGrips wheel kit a try.

The product showed up promptly in a deceivingly small box. After opening it and looking at the parts I was VERY impressed. The parts were made well, seemed over-engineered (in a good way), and had an excellent fit and finish.

Once the dollies were under the skis I fired up the motor and prepared to back out. I tentatively gave it some gas and backed down the ramp. It backed over the gaps and cracks with ease. In fact, it actually backed out easier and more smoothly than it would without the dollies. The thing I noticed right away was that I was able to actually steer the sled with precision while backing out

After unloading I had fun driving the sled around the driveway in August. The ski dollies never slipped or moved and gave me full steering capability. Once parked in the garage I put the track dolly under the track and was able to rotate the sled around as desired. Loading the sled back in the trailer was as easy, and fun, as unloading.

My past experience was that conventional dollies suffer from some main issues:

1) other sled roller dollies come off the skis easily, having to keep putting them back on.

2) pushing the sled around by hand is the only option that really works well, sometimes requiring a helping hand on steep driveways and such.

5) Sled Roller Wheels that swivel on all three points (skis and track) can actually be difficult to deal with in some situations (poor tracking, etc.)

6) Snowmobile Mover Dollies and wheels are often under-engineered or made of plastic that can crack and break.

Sometimes you come across a product that you really like and are pleased with. Less frequently you find one that you love and wish you had come across years ago. The Sure Grip Sled Dolly System is one of those products!

These Ski Wheels(included but optional track dollie) make the chore of loading, unloading and moving a sled around almost effortless, saving time and your back.

They are extremely well built and worth every penny