Snow Tech Magazine – “Trailer ramps … can easily be driven right up!”

Snow Tech Magazine had this to say about Suregrip Removable Sled Dollies:

Sled dollies have been around in various forms for many years, but we have found the Sure Grip Steerable Dollies to be the most versatile sets of dollies we’ve ever used.


Anytime we need to move a sled for any distance across anything other than snow, we slide the dollies under each ski, fire up the sled, and drive it!. With the Sure Grip Steerable Dollies, you steer with precision. . The big 5” rubber wheels have proven to be extremely durable in our years of use.Trailer ramps that have any sort of approach angle to the ramp can easily be driven right up, again saving your carbides. The swivel track dolly lets you move your sled around when you don’t need or want to start the engine.

We’ve used the Sure Grip Steerable/Drivable/Removable Dollies for many years, and have found them to be a valuable asset in our shop. many dealers have several sets for running  sleds in and out of their shops.