Reviews and Testimonials

We here at Recreational Necessities pride ourselves in creating quality products. Bellow are just some of the testimonials we have received about our SureGrip Drivable Sled Ski & track roller wheel kit and the level of customer service we strive to offer!

Chris White – ” If you own a sled you should own a set of Sure Grips!”

The Sure Grips work awesome, well built, quality hardware. If you own a sled you should own a set of SURE GRIPS!
these ski dollies works as advertised!

I’ve found you get what you pay for and these removable snowmobile ski dollies are worth every penny.

Besides that SureGrip has knowledgeable customer service. That’s hard to find nowadays!

Thanks again,
Chris White


Ollie’s Service – “Save[s] endless hours of work and back strain.”

A Ski-Doo dealer in Alexandria, MN writes:

We use the SURE GRIP™ Dollies daily in our shop for running sleds down the alley, to the gas station, and to the car wash when snow is limited. They save my employees endless hours of work and back strain.”

Thank you for producing such a useful product! My employees and my customers really like these drivable dollies!

Earl O. Anderson
Ollie’s Service

Snow Tech Magazine – “easily move your sled under it’s own power!”

SnowTech Magazine writes:

logoMoving Sleds Around?

How do you move a snowmobile when there is no snow on the ground?

Do you just drive them (with little or no steering) across the asphalt, concrete or across the yard? Wouldn’t it be nice to have some wheels on the skis so you could drive around and be able to steer the sled?

Of course it would be. There are a number of sled dollies that fasten to your skis and let you actually drive the machine (slowly) with the wheel lifting the carbide runners up off the snow less -surface your having to deal with.

The SURE GRIP dollies have two axles , four wheels and a cable to keep the wheels on the skis and spindles, allowing you to easily move your sled around under it’s own power

 Vance Willard – “Buy Sure Grips! Don’t mess with China Dollies.”

A friend who owns several sleds and several Sure Grip Dolly’s introduced me to them.  I had just bought sleds and his advice was to buy the Sure Grips and not mess around with cheaper China snowmobile dollies.

Thanks for building quality snowmobile dollies! Thanks for the same day call to verify my order!. Great customer service!

Keep up the work with USA made products and quality!!


 Vance Willard

Ben Hanson – “I was very impressed”

Ben Hanson, owner of the snowmobile forum writes:


From time to time I had seen the video for the SureGrip dollies, with people ripping around the yard or driving a sled right up into a trailer. Quite honestly I was intrigued, but a bit skeptical. I thought I would give the SureGrips wheel kit a try.

The product showed up promptly in a deceivingly small box. After opening it and looking at the parts I was VERY impressed. The parts were made well, seemed over-engineered (in a good way), and had an excellent fit and finish.

Once the dollies were under the skis I fired up the motor and prepared to back out. I tentatively gave it some gas and backed down the ramp. It backed over the gaps and cracks with ease. In fact, it actually backed out easier and more smoothly than it would without the dollies. The thing I noticed right away was that I was able to actually steer the sled with precision while backing out

After unloading I had fun driving the sled around the driveway in August. The ski dollies never slipped or moved and gave me full steering capability. Once parked in the garage I put the track dolly under the track and was able to rotate the sled around as desired. Loading the sled back in the trailer was as easy, and fun, as unloading.

My past experience was that conventional dollies suffer from some main issues:

1) other sled roller dollies come off the skis easily, having to keep putting them back on.

2) pushing the sled around by hand is the only option that really works well, sometimes requiring a helping hand on steep driveways and such.

5) Sled Roller Wheels that swivel on all three points (skis and track) can actually be difficult to deal with in some situations (poor tracking, etc.)

6) Snowmobile Mover Dollies and wheels are often under-engineered or made of plastic that can crack and break.

Sometimes you come across a product that you really like and are pleased with. Less frequently you find one that you love and wish you had come across years ago. The Sure Grip Sled Dolly System is one of those products!

These Ski Wheels(included but optional track dollie) make the chore of loading, unloading and moving a sled around almost effortless, saving time and your back.

They are extremely well built and worth every penny

Chris White – “These Sled Rollers Work awesome!”

I wanted to write a quick note on how well Sure Grip Dollies work;

These Sled Rollers Work awesome!

Saturday morning and got a call from them Saturday afternoon to confirm my order and answer a few questions, That’s great customer service in my opinion and hard to find nowadays.  Furthermore I even used them to move a sliding glass window we were installing! we put it on the two dollies and pushed it were we needed it!

If you own a sled you should own a set of SureGrip Snowmobile Dollies!


Thanks again,
Chris White


Doug Gower – “Sure Grip knows friendly customer support!”

I have purchased items online for years, but your phone call to me (10 minutes after I had clicked submit) to personally discuss my order and to chat about sledding, is an absolute first. Having a great product is important but this company knows the importance of friendly customer support and service and I am very impressed!

Doug Gower
Codrington, Ontario Canada

Snow Tech Magazine – “Trailer ramps … can easily be driven right up!”

Snow Tech Magazine had this to say about Suregrip Removable Sled Dollies:

Sled dollies have been around in various forms for many years, but we have found the Sure Grip Steerable Dollies to be the most versatile sets of dollies we’ve ever used.


Anytime we need to move a sled for any distance across anything other than snow, we slide the dollies under each ski, fire up the sled, and drive it!. With the Sure Grip Steerable Dollies, you steer with precision. . The big 5” rubber wheels have proven to be extremely durable in our years of use.Trailer ramps that have any sort of approach angle to the ramp can easily be driven right up, again saving your carbides. The swivel track dolly lets you move your sled around when you don’t need or want to start the engine.

We’ve used the Sure Grip Steerable/Drivable/Removable Dollies for many years, and have found them to be a valuable asset in our shop. many dealers have several sets for running  sleds in and out of their shops.

Snowmobile Dollies

Sure Grip Snowmobile Dollies

Driveable, Steerable Reliable Dollies. You Wont Be Disappointed!

Premium SureGrip Snowmobile Dollies & Track Caster

Sure Grip Dollies have been solving snowmobile mobility challenges for nearly 20 years with true all-season, versatile and durable sled ski dollies with optional track caster. Unlike alternatives, with our snowmobile dollies your sled is drive-able and steerable under its own power.

We don’t think you will use the track caster much but our engineers have foreseen at least one use. The caster is included for nudging it out of the way with out starting it up. Who knows, one summer your sled might be parked between you and the beer fridge during the off season heat.




Practical, Easy Sled Movers in a storable package!

The main advantage to our snowmobile dollies is they work like a snowmobile wheel kit, allowing sleds to be easily driven under power. Unlike a wheel kit, installation and removal of our sled ski dollies requires no tools (after initial assembly) and doesn’t waste trail time. Slip on our sled dollies, drive across the garage and up the trailer. When you’ve reached the end of the line for your truck, drive down the trailer and up to the snow line, slip off the ski carts and go.

Imagine: no more heavy lifting! Not having to get off your sled to swing the back end around because you can’t steer. No more back ache and no more damage from carbides gouging the driveway, trailer, or your lawn! If you choose Authentic Sure Grips you wont be disappointed!

Our products are also designed to give you years of reliable service, but if your millage happens to vary, rest assured our team is here to support you and our warranty has your back.

SureGrip Dolly Kit Versions:

  • Trail Sled Dollies (standard set) with up to 7.25 inch (177.8 mm) skis
  • Mountain Sled Dollies for 7.25in (177.8mm) to 10 in. (254 mm)  skis

Common Specifications:

  • 4x Wide Real Rubber wheels per ski
  • Quality push nut retainersClick here to buy snowmobile/snowmachine dollies now
    • (Your wheels will stay on long after  your buddy
      loses the retention pins for his off brand dollies)
  • Ribbed hubs
  • shock absorbing core
  • Long wheelbase keeps the skis level and secure
  • Forward and reverse ski retention straps.
  • Made In the USA
  • Fully warranted, We stand behind our product