Snowmobile Dollies

Sure Grip Snowmobile Dollies

Driveable, Steerable Reliable Dollies. You Wont Be Disappointed!

Premium SureGrip Snowmobile Dollies & Track Caster

Sure Grip Dollies have been solving snowmobile mobility challenges for nearly 20 years with true all-season, versatile and durable sled ski dollies with optional track caster. Unlike alternatives, with our snowmobile dollies your sled is drive-able and steerable under its own power.

We don’t think you will use the track caster much but our engineers have foreseen at least one use. The caster is included for nudging it out of the way with out starting it up. Who knows, one summer your sled might be parked between you and the beer fridge during the off season heat.




Practical, Easy Sled Movers in a storable package!

The main advantage to our snowmobile dollies is they work like a snowmobile wheel kit, allowing sleds to be easily driven under power. Unlike a wheel kit, installation and removal of our sled ski dollies requires no tools (after initial assembly) and doesn’t waste trail time. Slip on our sled dollies, drive across the garage and up the trailer. When you’ve reached the end of the line for your truck, drive down the trailer and up to the snow line, slip off the ski carts and go.

Imagine: no more heavy lifting! Not having to get off your sled to swing the back end around because you can’t steer. No more back ache and no more damage from carbides gouging the driveway, trailer, or your lawn! If you choose Authentic Sure Grips you wont be disappointed!

Our products are also designed to give you years of reliable service, but if your millage happens to vary, rest assured our team is here to support you and our warranty has your back.

SureGrip Dolly Kit Versions:

  • Trail Sled Dollies (standard set) with up to 7.25 inch (177.8 mm) skis
  • Mountain Sled Dollies for 7.25in (177.8mm) to 10 in. (254 mm)  skis

Common Specifications:

  • 4x Wide Real Rubber wheels per ski
  • Quality push nut retainersClick here to buy snowmobile/snowmachine dollies now
    • (Your wheels will stay on long after  your buddy
      loses the retention pins for his off brand dollies)
  • Ribbed hubs
  • shock absorbing core
  • Long wheelbase keeps the skis level and secure
  • Forward and reverse ski retention straps.
  • Made In the USA
  • Fully warranted, We stand behind our product


A History of Service to Sled Enthusiasts

Company History

Recreational Necessities(makers of Sure Grip Snowmobile Dollies) was founded 20 years ago in St. Cloud Minnesota. To this day Sure Grip Dollies are still proudly manufactured at our shop in St. Cloud. Pick up the phone, dial our number and more often than not you will be speaking with the owner. We don’t believe in outsourced support lines!

History of our snowmobile dollies:

There have been 6 major updates to the sure grips, which have more than exceeded customer’s expectations. The first version of Sure Grips only had 2 wheels, so we went to 4 wheels which added ski stability. The addition of a security cable holds the dollies on the snowmobile skis while traveling forward in all terrain, or while driving up trailer ramps.

The big dual and offset carbide era introduced the need for ski retainers which keep the ski centered between the quad wheels. When reverse became standard on many sleds, we again retooled to accommodate the need for reverse straps while still being capable of fitting all skis. 2010 Sure Grip snowmobile Dollies feature a wider wheel, ribbed hubs, an increased footprint, and shock absorbing core.

The re-engineered wheelbase is now 31% longer than the previous model. The additional wheelbase not only keeps the skis level and secure; it also adds additional stability for easier and more precise handling over a variety of challenging tasks and terrain.

This improved system has met the strict demands of authorities such as the United States Marine Corp., Natural Resources Canada, US Border Patrol and many others. SURE GRIPS are proudly made in America and are fully warranted, satisfaction guarantied. You wont find better made and supported Snowmobile dollies than Sure Grip.