home1The SURE GRIP (TM) Steerable sled dolly was introduced to the market after realizing the need for a better way to move snowmobiles. Established in 1994, Recreational Necessities, Inc. began producing a premiere product which exceeds customers expectations. Our Minnesota based company provides superior quality and service, and strives to build strong relationships with our customers.

Recreational Necessities, Inc. developed a convenient way for dealers to maneuver their heavy machines. Like a wheel
kit, the SURE GRIPTM dollies allow the snowmobile to be easily driven under power away from the showroom, where snow conditions are often lacking. SURE GRIP’s are designed to operate over all types of terrain including grass, gravel roads, uneven asphalt and concrete driveways. Dealers save time and money while protecting their floor surfaces.

home2Dealers continually tell us of new ways they use the SURE GRIPTM dollies. Sales departments slip the rear swivel track dolly under the track and the snowmobile can be easily steered around the showroom floor. When driven under power (without the track dolly), they are also used to deliver new sleds to customer trailers as well as store snowmobiles in off-site facilities. Service technicians test drive snowmobiles after repairs. The daily transportation needs are endless.

In the event a part is ever needed after years of extended use, these parts are provided free of charge to any active dealers on their next shipping order.Selling the product becomes easy when the customer sees the product in use. With facility exposure, retail sale through dealers accelerate when customers can purchase this durable product directly from them. .

home3Join the hundreds of active dealers and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide who use and sell this all-season, durable product. Contact Dale Bauerly, at 320-252-0278.


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