Vance Willard – “Buy Sure Grips! Don’t mess with China Dollies.”

A friend who owns several sleds and several Sure Grip Dolly’s introduced me to them.  I had just bought sleds and his advice was to buy the Sure Grips and not mess around with cheaper China snowmobile dollies.

Thanks for building quality snowmobile dollies! Thanks for the same day call to verify my order!. Great customer service!

Keep up the work with USA made products and quality!!


 Vance Willard

Chris White – “These Sled Rollers Work awesome!”

I wanted to write a quick note on how well Sure Grip Dollies work;

These Sled Rollers Work awesome!

Saturday morning and got a call from them Saturday afternoon to confirm my order and answer a few questions, That’s great customer service in my opinion and hard to find nowadays.  Furthermore I even used them to move a sliding glass window we were installing! we put it on the two dollies and pushed it were we needed it!

If you own a sled you should own a set of SureGrip Snowmobile Dollies!


Thanks again,
Chris White