Snow Tech Magazine – “easily move your sled under it’s own power!”

SnowTech Magazine writes:

logoMoving Sleds Around?

How do you move a snowmobile when there is no snow on the ground?

Do you just drive them (with little or no steering) across the asphalt, concrete or across the yard? Wouldn’t it be nice to have some wheels on the skis so you could drive around and be able to steer the sled?

Of course it would be. There are a number of sled dollies that fasten to your skis and let you actually drive the machine (slowly) with the wheel lifting the carbide runners up off the snow less -surface your having to deal with.

The SURE GRIP dollies have two axles , four wheels and a cable to keep the wheels on the skis and spindles, allowing you to easily move your sled around under it’s own power

No More Lifting!

Snowmobile Dollies Designed to be attached and removed with out heavy lifting. Once on they work like a wheel kit. Grass, gravel and asphalt roads? Drive your sled under its own power while our snowmobile dollies protect your ski runners, driveways and garage floors! Continue reading “No More Lifting!”


This SURE GRIP PROVEN wheel enhances the range of your drivable possibility and meets demands of authorities such as: U.S. Marine Corp., National Resources Canada, GOOGLE EARTH SNOW, SKI-DOO R&D, U.S. & CANADA Border Patrol and many others.